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Vancouver Brewery Tours

Vancouver Brewery Tours takes pride in connecting people with Vancouver’s vibrant craft beer community through their fun and informative brewery tours.  While on tour, you’ll journey to our best craft breweries for behind the scenes tours, enjoy VIP access, learn the story of each brewery and most importantly, enjoy the beers you love with friends, new and old.

Q&A WITH RYAN MACKEY, Owner | Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc.

Ryan Mackey, Owner | Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. Photo: Amanda Siebert, Georgia Straight

You’ve been around for over five years now, looking back what would you say you’re most proud of?

Having the opportunity to run a company based on one of my passions is probably what I’m most proud of. Also creating employment for similar-minded people who share that same passion, the strong relationships we have with our brewery partners and creating memorable experiences for our guests is very rewarding.

Do your tours cater mostly to tourists?

While a portion of our business has always come from craft beer tourism, the large majority of our guests have always been from the Lower Mainland. Not everyone knows about our breweries! Which is why so many locals hop on our tours to learn more.

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