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Tin Whistle Brewery

Lorraine & Michael Nagy

In 1995, The Tin Whistle Brewery opened. It was the first microbrewery in the South Okanagan. A pioneer in the world of craft beer. Through the years, this family owned brewery has created many exciting brews. We are known for our quality, innovative brews. All our ales are preservative and chemical free. We try to support Canadian products and source our ingredients locally.

Located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley which is renowned for wine, we are fortunate to have many fruits, berries and grapes available to us. We have utilized many of these in our Seasonal Ales. We strive for excellence in all we make and strive to provide our customers with excellent service.

Lorraine Nagy has been the owner of the Tin Whistle Brewery since 1998 – she laughs at what was supposed to be a five year plan turning into 15+, but she loves it. The brewery is named after a locomotive on the Kettle Valley Railway which operated in the Thompson-Okanagan region. Many of our ales are named after flora and fauna of the Okanagan Valley.

We are members of CAMRA BC and the BC Craft Brewers Guild. We give regularly and often to charity and local organizations.

The Beers

The Kettle Valley Railway used a combination of daring and innovative thinking to build a railroad through some of the most rugged and expansive terrain in the world. The Tin Whistle Brewing Company, named after the first KVR locomotive, puts the same kind of innovative thinking into brewing their hand-crafted, authentic ales.

In the spirit of the railway, Tin Whistle’s core beer lineup is known as the “Trunk Line”.

Black Widow

Dark at first glance but light and easy to drink with just a hint of chocolate and roast flavours. Forget your eyes and trust your tongue on this one.

Coyote Blonde Ale

Crisp and dry with a creamy mouthfeel with just a hint of fruity strawberry and banana esters from our yeast.

Peach Cream Ale

The aroma and taste of fresh ripe peaches, but finishes dry and refreshing.

Midnight Peach Ale

Straight from the Okanagan, this unique blended beer with hints of chocolate and caramelized honey combines with succulent peaches. A full bodied dark fruit ale.

Killer Bee Dark Honey Ale

Srumptious – a seriously dark honey ale blended with 5 barley malts, 3 imported hops, 4 specialty honeys, and a hint of spice. Dark and rich, tastes of chocolate and coffee combined with the flavour and aroma of caramelized wildflower dark honey from Keremeos. Brewed with a higher alcohol content and exploding with chocolate malts, “Killer Bee” will make your tastebuds tingle with delight.

Gallery: at the brewery

For more images, visit the gallery at the Tin Whistle website >>

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