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Philipchalk & Associates – Chartered Professional Accountants

Philipchalk & Associates is a Chartered Professional Accountants firm located in Vancouver, British Columbia, on West Broadway.

Their two main areas of focus are Tax and Accounting. On the Tax side, they specialize in Canadian Taxes for Individuals and Small and Medium Businesses. On the Accounting side, they offer Outsourced Accounting Services and Consulting for dynamic businesses that need up-to-date Financial Information for decision making.If you need tax advice, or solutions to your small business problems, give them a call or stop by.

Josh Philipchalk


Let’s get to know a little more about the services Philipchalk & Associates provides.

What sort of experience have you had with independent craft brewery operators, or others in the liquor/beverage/hospitality industry?

I’ve worked with small business start-ups for many years, including restaurants and other operators.

What special accounting considerations might these types of clients have?

Craft breweries often have many aspects to their business, including the tasting room, stockist locations, food options, and distribution in some cases. It is important to understand the numbers behind all of these aspects, and look at the big picture to see how each of these areas fits in with the the business. Each area comes with its unique challenges, such as operational constraints, staffing issues, financing – all sorts of considerations that go beyond just brewing a great product.

Are the needs of a new start-up different from an established operator?

Budgets tend to be tighter, so the owner is doing everything. This is fine, but can be unsustainable, leading to burnout, and may lead to certain aspects of the business getting neglected. The accounting aspect tends to be one of the last things on the list, but during the start-up stage is when many operations and accounting questions arise. Oftentimes people need a controller before they can afford one, and that is where we can really add value.

What one piece of advice would you give to a brewery that feels they might need help with finances?

Know your numbers and make sure you have someone that is giving you financial information that can actually help you make decisions, not just reporting on things after-the-fact. If you are trying to do everything on your own, and you are finding your finances are becoming an afterthought, it may be time to reach out to someone for some help. Or, you have an in-house accountant that may not have specialized skills, it may be time to reach out to someone that can complement your in-house accountant’s skill set to provide more well-rounded financial advice.


Tax and Accounting services for small and medium businesses, and individuals is what we do. If you’re small business owner in Vancouver, we want to talk to you.

We’re here to help you reach your personal and business goals.

We also help people with their personal tax returns. Let us help you catch up and stay current.

Our Tax Services include:

  • Corporate tax returns
  • Personal tax returns
  • Trust and Estate tax returns
  • Tax planning and consulting

Our Accounting Services include:

  • Controller functions​
  • Business consulting
  • Financial Statement preparation (in conjunction with a corporate tax return)
  • Payroll planning and implementation
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Quarterly or Monthly Reporting



Josh Philipchalk, CPA, CA

​Josh’s background is in working with small business owners and proprietors with accounting and tax issues, as well as providing auditing services for private companies and not-for-profit organizations.  Josh has a passion for helping small business owners minimize taxes, while maximizing profits. Josh has been working in public practice for the past 10 years, and loves the variety it brings. He’s also worked as a contract facilitator for CPA Western School of Business in the Tax and Assurance modules.

​Email: [email protected]

Michael Cafferky, CPA, CA

​Michael has been serving his clients in the Vancouver area for over 25 years. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from working in tax for over 30 years, and enjoys using that knowledge to help clients with their tax and accounting issues. 
​Email: [email protected]

Hesha V. Phillips, CPA, CA

Hesha brings with her a diverse background that spans public practice, private industry, education and business ownership. Her expertise lies in operations, and she has worked in a number of controllership roles managing teams and overseeing the financial reporting processes of mid-sized, private companies. She enjoys drawing on her broad and varied experience to help clients with their accounting and tax needs.

Email: [email protected]

William Choi

​William is a junior accountant at the firm, and has a substantial amount of experience in public practice, working with individuals and business owners, and enjoys getting to know clients and their businesses in order provide the best service possible. He is currently pursuing the CPA designation.

​Email: [email protected]

Mandy Kooner

Mandy is the office administrator for Philipchalk & Associates. Before joining the firm she worked with Michael as his office administrator for many years.

​Email: [email protected]

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