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Persephone Brewing Company



Persephone Brewing Co. (pronounced per-SEF-uh-nee) is dedicated to quality of life, quality beer and quality of the ingredients that go into the production of craft-brewed beer.

Situated on the Sunshine Coast, in Gibsons, BC, home of the Beachcombers TV Series, our farm grows hops and a variety of food crops such as pumpkins, garlic, apples, honey and more.

The name Persephone was chosen to pay homage to the log salvage boat in the Beachcombers, as a symbol of the values and lifestyle upheld on the Sunshine Coast. As well, the Greek myth of Persephone (daughter of Dimeter and Zeus), goddess of spring vegetation, works neatly with our situation on a farm and our ability to grow farm fresh beer.

Persephone is a Certified B Corporation committed to using our business as a force for good.


Persephone Brewing Co. (PBC) operates an 11-acre farm and craft micro-brewery in the community of Gibsons on BC’s Sunshine Coast. PBC is operated by a small team of extremely passionate people committed to the vision of supporting amazing beer built through local agriculture, community connectedness, and partnerships. Producing the finest quality craft beer (15+ awards including a Land Award from the Real Estate Foundation), our “farmhouse” approach integrates onsite farming of hops – one of the principal ingredients in beer – and other food crops in support of local food security (i.e. “farm to table AND farm to barrel”).

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B Corp is to Business as ‘Fair Trade’ is to Coffee, or ‘Organic’ is to Veggies…
The ‘B’ is a standard issued by non-profit organization – B Lab – based on four core assessment criteria: Community, Environment, Employees, and Governance.

As a certified B Corporation we take a ‘triple-bottom-line’ (People, Planet, Profit) approach to our business model, and incorporate both social and environmental sustainability into our operating principles and core values. We are committed to using the power of business to help solve social and ecological problems.


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Our farm consists of two hop yards, an apple orchard, market garden and flock of laying hens. Our first 1 acre hop yard was established in 2013 with Centennial, Cascade and Golding hops. Our larger 4 acre hop yard is currently in development and will see another 2400 Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops planted in June 2017. All our hops (and more) are used to brew our amazing beers.

Two acres of cider apples leased from another local farm are used to make our cider. Another cider apple orchard is being planted on our farm and and will cover approximately 2 acres producing bitter-sweet and heritage apples to help grow our cider production.

Our market garden consists of approximately half an acre of field vegetables and two greenhouses producing a variety of fresh, local produce sold to the Farm to Feast food truck, at our on site farm stand, at local farmers markets and to local restaurants and commercial kitchens.

All hops, apples and veggies on our farm are grown using only organic practices to minimize impacts to our land, soils and waters. The spent grain from the brewery is composted on site and used to build our farm’s soil fertility. The flock of chickens eat up food scraps from the food truck and lay eggs which you can buy through our Tasting Room or farm stand to support the Sunshine Coast Association for Community Living (who manage the flock).

PBC’s farm is not certified organic, however, we pride ourselves on employing only organic growing practices. PBC’s Integrated Farm Plan identifies five key areas within its operations that demonstrate our commitment to developing a multi-functional farm that will contribute to small farm and food systems as well as the local economy.

Want to learn more about our farm? Come visit us and take yourself on a self-guided tour…you’re welcome to check it out! Interested in volunteering on the farm? Awesome! Please drop us a line by phone or email and let us know how we can get a hold of you and we’ll let you know when the next work party is being organized!


Contract farming & marketing options to maximize agricultural potential: 1 acre and 2 greenhouses used to be leased to Backyard Bounty for production of organic field vegetables. They were great partners and growers who continue to feed our community. Since, that time, SCACL and PBC have internalized the market gardening and use of the greenhouses. Our veggies go directly into our food served onsite! As well, we share a small field turn apiary with Kathleen from Roberts Creek Honey. She’s an amazing bee keeper, growing superb honey much of which we use in a couple of our beers. She and others regularly hold workshops at Persephone to teach the world to be growers of their own.

Production of hops: currently 1 acre in production with another 5 acres in development and plans to partner with other hops growers through shared access to equipment, resources and markets.

Sustainably managing waste outputs: we currently compost all spent grain, hops and yeast from the brewery and are developing systems to reclaim brewery runoff for crop irrigation and energy consumed in the brewing process.


We’ve been involved from the first gestation of the idea, now coming to life. A public market, Marine Education Centre, bistro, and share office space on the third floor of a 12,000 SF, brand new building. PBC is a proud affinity partner, offering discounts to GPM members.

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