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Lansdowne Central Liquor Store

Q&A with Ileene Nielsen, Manager

In Kamloops BC, there’s a liquor retail outlet that’s working to spread the word of craft beer. Let’s find out more about this from Lansdowne Central Liquor Store’s Manager, Ileene Nielsen.

What’s Brewing: We strongly support the BC craft cider and distilling community and the great work they do. However, at our core, we and our readers are about beer. How much of your retail space is dedicated to craft beer and how much of that is refrigerated?

Ileene: I would say about 1/3 of our refrigerated space is dedicated to craft beer. We have 6 doors for 69 4-packs and 3 doors for singles. We are known around this area for having the largest selection.

WB: You are based in Kamloops. To what extent does your selection reflect the local Thompson-Okanagan area breweries?

IN: We probably have 25% local products in store. We are always promoting local.

WB: Is there any style of craft beer that your Kamloops audience gravitates towards?

IN: We seem to sell a lot of IPA. Also the sours are doing well, and the specialty one-offs.

WB: What do you think of how the interest in BC craft beer has grown this decade?

IN: It has been amazing to watch. The women have also embraced this market segment. Great to see them becoming brewmasters!

We have the largest craft beer section in Kamloops.

WB: Any interesting updates planned in the store this year? Will you be organizing or participating in any community or craft-beer-related events this year?

IN: We are constantly changing and keeping our footprint fresh!

Our store aims to support various events and fundraisers around town, with posters in our store and mentions on our Instagram account.

We have the largest craft beer section in Kamloops and pride ourselves in keeping it up to date with latest one-time buys and seasonal beer. We also support BC VQA Wines, plus ciders and spirits from BC. We try to make the store a one-stop shop with lots of sales and competitive pricing. Our great staff are more than willing to assist you with your choices. Our employees are very helpful and keep up with new products.

Over the years, Lansdowne Central has been proud to offer a great selection of flavourful and refreshing craft beers from homegrown microbreweries

Shopping at Lansdowne Central

Liquor is meant to be enjoyed as a complement to your meal, a reward for a hard day’s work, or as a welcome guest at any party. At Lansdowne Liquor Store, they want to make buying your beverages an enjoyable experience too. 

Whether you’re shopping for that certain creamy liqueur, perfectly smooth scotch, or a tart and fruity cooler, Lansdowne Liquor Store either has it in store, or can order it for you. Their accommodating and knowledgeable staff is there to help you get the party started, and can help you stock your bar with their great spirit, wine and beer selection.

Call Lansdowne Central to ask about what they have in stock, or come by and visit in person. They’re open late, seven days a week. They are also fully wheelchair accessible and offer free parking to their valued clients.

Other Products and Services

Over the years, Lansdowne has been proud to offer a great selection of flavourful and refreshing craft beers from homegrown microbreweries, as well as mellow and full-bodied wines exclusively available at their store. They also feature a variety of renowned VQA (Vintners Quality Alliance) wines—you might just find your next favourite at their weekly wine tastings.

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