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Andina Brewing Company

Artisanal Brewery in Vancouver, BC, Canada, offering a unique blend of South American and Canadian flavours! ¡Salud!

Founded by Colombian/Canadian brothers, Andrés and Nicolás Amaya. The Amaya Brothers have lived in Vancouver for more than 18 years and are passionate about beer, music, culture, and family and friends.

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We offer a brand new concept in the local craft beer market. Our beer is full bodied, crisp and smooth, very drinkable and perfect to share on any occasion. We offer an environment in our brewery that is a unique blend of South American and Canadian flavours. If you are looking for something new and out of the ordinary stop by our brewery and taste the difference! Come and try our Ceviche paired with one of our beers, or try them all. You will love it! Salud!

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Through its Andean inspired tones, accents, and artwork, Andina’s guests will partake in the spirit and culture of South America. The walls are lined with beautiful photographs commissioned especially for the Tasting Lounge, which also showcases the rich artisanal heritage of its people – from traditional art crafts, clay pots and woven baskets… All of which come together in a vibrant burst of colours, flavours and exquisite textures, much like with the rest of the creatively chosen details. Even the food is beautiful to look at, with colourful ingredients and served in hand carved wooden trays!

Andina’s ambiance is warm yet trendy, managing to retain a welcoming and inclusive feel thanks to its friendly, knowledgeable and cheerful staff that will welcome you and make you feel like part of our family!

Learn more about our Tasting Lounge & Food >>>

Andrés Amaya, Co-owner / CEO

Wait a minute, is this a photo of Andina’s CEO or its Head Chef?

He is indeed the older of the Amaya Brothers, co-founder of Andina Brewing Co. and our very competent CEO in charge of the front of the house operations. So why the chef jacket? Well, along with being the “Family Boss”, Andrés is bringing to the brewery his love for good food by being the creator of our amazing lineup of ceviches. He really enjoys cooking delicious dishes for his wife – Andina’s Financial Director – and his two kids.

Ben Greenberg, Head Brewer

Ben’s philosophy on brewing is that beer is meant to be fun and enjoyed with friends and family. Beer is more than just a delicious drink. It’s a central ingredient in celebrations, weekends, dinners and many other social moments. Whether brewing a traditional style beer or a trendy hazy IPA, Ben is always trying to create a beer that people will love and love sharing.

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