Weathered Beer Celebration is Back!

From Weathered Beer Celebration

Tickets go on sale today, November 5th at noon on Eventbrite.

Weathered is our crazy Winter beer tasting event. It runs from January 21-22, 2022 at Heritage Hall. Glad to be back after nearly 2 years away from events!

The first thing people tend to ask is “what’s Weathered?” A beer festival? A bottle share? A good time? The best and most expensive beers we can possibly get our hands on all in one room?! Yes. All those things.

The concept behind Weathered is to gather a one-of-a-kind assortment of beers for you to try all at once. Want just a splash of something? No problem. All tastings are included and small pours are highly encouraged.

Imperial Stouts, Porters, Barleywine, Lambic (lots of Lambic), Sour, Hoppy and everything in between. There’s an emphasis on the extreme, but there’s also going be a pretty nice table of Ciders and palate cleansing IPAs and Lagers for you to refresh.

Please refer to the ticketing website for full Covid-19 policy.

Weathered Tickets Weathered Website

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