Use this map to take a SkyTrain craft beer tasting tour

From Vancouver Courier, by Lindsay William-Ross

Photo credit: Original story from January 19, 2018 7:00AM.
Dine the Line Brews Cruise map. Photograph By WEST COAST FOOD

Beer lovers, this is one to bookmark: A map that helps you visit Metro Vancouver craft breweries, all while riding the SkyTrain.

As part of their Dine the Line initiative, West Coast Food (Destination B.C.) and TransLink have teamed up to put out some wicked cool transit maps that highlight stops for foodies of all kinds, from families to beer lovers.

Their Brews Cruise map features a dozen regional breweries plotted out in relation to the nearest Expo, Millennium, Canada, or 99 B Line stops. They’ve included the stop name and info about bus connections and walking times.

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