UniteCraft Releases New Management Platform for Craft Brewing Industry

From UniteCraft

UniteCraft Corporation, a collaboration of three brewing industry veterans, today launched Unite-Craft.com. This new online platform of web based applications enables the highly fragmented craft beer industry to enjoy the economic benefits previously only experienced by large breweries and brewery collectives. Formed by Derek Godfrey,  thirty years in the brewery industry (Micro Matic / MillerCoors / Molson) and Nick Michaels,  software architecture of global e-business platforms (Micro Matic), UniteCraft Corporation has partnered with Sam Holloway (Co-founder and President of Crafting A Strategy) to level the playing field against “Big Beer”. UniteCraft’s mission is to use its proprietary technology to organize the collective power of independent craft breweries, to expand market opportunities for any brewery, and to help small breweries create healthier businesses.

UniteCraft delivers on this mission by helping breweries in four ways: Connect, collaborate, get paid, and reduce costs.

  • UniteCraft Pinpoint is the brewing industry’s first all-in-one application for marketing, scheduling, delivering and paying for services, such as knowledge sharing and advice. As a map-based application, users search locally and filter results by “category” and “services”. Delivery of services can be by phone, the PinPoint integrated online chat and video conferencing, or in-person meetings. The initial rollout of Pinpoint will focus on developing and supporting nationwide craft mentorship programs and coaching sessions that connect expert consultants to brewery owners and operators in need. PinPoint is ideal for people who have invested a significant amount of time, money and effort into their skills and expertise and want to give back to the craft community. This can be through volunteering or making money as a side or full-time gig.
  • UniteCraft’s Marketplace platform includes three industry specific equipment marketplaces (brewery, distillery, and bar), and one online digital delivery marketplace for educational content.  All four marketplaces provide the craft industry with professional, technologically advanced, and organized marketplaces where buyers and sellers can negotiate and accept offers in real-time. The marketplaces accept newly manufactured equipment as well as pre-owned surplus equipment. UniteCraft Marketplace has the industry’s first and only integrated real-time sales negotiation, chat and SMS notification tool, all in a single application.
  • UniteCraft Business Center is a portal for small brewery business learning. UniteCraft has teamed with Crafting A Strategy to provide small breweries digital learning modules, business education, strategy resources and market research. “Big Beer” has always leveraged knowledge resources and hired top tier global consulting firms to help guide their business strategy.  The Business Center leverages Crafting A Strategy and brings top tier business know-how and research to small breweries.
  • UniteCraft Co-op Initiative is currently in development. It will be the future home of the Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (CPA) and Real-time Co-op, an internet-based national procurement integration application. The UniteCraft Co-op will leverage the collective purchasing power of small breweries to reduce their brewing material and operation costs on a scale that has not been achieved before. The CPA aims to bring “Big Beer’ cost savings to craft breweries.

“The business of beer is unfair to small breweries. It’s time to change that,” said Derek Godfrey, UniteCraft co-founder. “UniteCraft exists to remove “Big Beer” advantages with the integration of technology and community. For years, “Big Beer” has accessed resources out of reach of the craft community,” he added. “From access to top business expertise and capital markets, to buying power advantages and preferred service rates, these advantages have controlled and constricted craft brewery markets and growth opportunities for far too long. It’s time to level the playing field.”

UniteCraft’s investment in technology is positioned to “right the wrongs” of the beer industry and address smaller brewery business disadvantages with new online connecting and community building technologies.

“We’ve been building our community of brewery entrepreneurs at Crafting A Strategy for almost 10 years,” said Sam Holloway, founder of Crafting A Strategy and UniteCraft education partner. “If we had the capability to develop technology to unite the craft industry like UniteCraft has, we would have done it years ago.”

Contact: Kristin Godfrey
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About UniteCraft

UniteCraft Corporation’s mission is to use technology to organize the collective power of independent craft, reduce competitive advantages of “Big Beer”, expand market opportunities, and create healthier businesses. Founded in 2019 and using all proprietary technology, UniteCraft’s financial model is based on a 3% transaction fee on all platform based commerce. UniteCraft has offices in Orange County California, San Francisco California and Fort Collins Colorado.


About Crafting A Strategy

CRAFTINGASTRATEGY.COM exists to support small breweries around the globe by providing them business advice unique to their situation. Small breweries aren’t simply smaller versions of large breweries, they have their own unique challenges and opportunities. Our membership includes over 800 beer industry entrepreneurs and executives from 24 countries on five continents. At only $99 per year, we believe our subscription model is the best value in beer business education available. Join today and take control of your brewery’s financial future – https://craftingastrategy.com/member-signup

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