Tree Brewing Presents the 4th Annual Cask Throwdown

In 2014 we wanted a way to shine a light on our Brewers in the back. We wanted to showcase the talent and creativity of our Brew Team. We wanted an event that put the brewers and their personalities front and center. The Cask Throwdown event was Born.

This friendly competition brings out the best in our Brew Team as they vie against one another for the title of “Best Cask”. And with winning come the spoils: Getting to raise the Throwdown Trophy, getting their name etched on the Trophy, and in past years getting to brew a one-thousand-litre batch of their winning beer which is exclusively served On-Tap at the Tree Brewing Beer Institute. The variety of Throwdown Cask styles that have been voted “Best Cask” in previous years include: A Smoked Bock, A Barley wine, and a Saison style finished with Champagne yeast.

Overall the Cask Throwdown event tends to attract not only craft beer lovers, but people who really enjoy Tree Brewing products. It allows people to meet and talk with the brewers in a casual setting, to get a feel for why they chose a specific style or ingredient. The Cask Throwdown really feels like an extended “Craft Beer Family” get together.

Event Details:
Where: Tree Brewing Beer Institute (1346 Water St., Kelowna, BC)
When: Thursday, November 2nd, 2017
What: A Tasting Event of 4 casks (one more from last year) to determine which Brewer wins Bragging rights of “Best Throwdown Cask”.
Time: 5 – 9pm

Ticket Details:
$15 – Available at The Tree Brewing Beer Institute (1346 Water St.), or at Tree Brewing Co. (1083 Richter St.)
This year each ticket includes four 5oz tasters (one of each Cask), a 20 oz pint of a favorite cask, and snacks set up buffet style. Since it’s inaugural year in 2014 this event has SOLD OUT.

The 4th Annual Cask Throwdown

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