Sundown Brewing Wins Gold In The 2019 CBAC

From Sundown Brewing


Newcomers to the local craft beer scene, Sundown Brewing gains highest prize for their German Wheat Beer at the 2019 Canadian Brewing Awards & Conference.

Toronto, ONT May 4th, 2019 — Newcomers to the Vancouver craft beer scene, Sundown Brewing, took home gold at this year’s Canadian Brewing Awards & Conference in the Wheat Beer German Style (Weiss) category. Sundown’s signature Hefeweizen share the podium with Microbrasserie le bockale inc. of Québec (Silver) and Brauerei Fahr of Alberta (Bronze)

With fierce competition and over 700 breweries from all over Canada competing for titles of excellence at this year’s CBAC the Sundown team walked away ecstatic and humbled by the results.

“We are honoured by this national acclaim and this reinforces our will to create amazing beers and share them with our community.” — Kevin Garneau, co-founder.

Sundown Brewing is currently in their tenth month of a yearlong contract as an associate brewery with Callister Brewing in Vancouver, BC. Gaining this exceptional recognition after their year’s growth the team at Sundown Brewing are excitedly looking forward to the progress they will achieve in the coming future and what opportunities will arise. If you are interested in supporting the Sundown team through investment or mentorship possibilities contact us.

[Sundown Brewing passion is to make and taste traditional styles of German craft beer. To pair these clean, clear recipes with a Cascadian twist and create something unique. We are excited to bring this passion for exceptional beer to the brewing community.]

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