Stanley Park Advocates issue call to action in response to Fish House plans

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The Press Release below was released by a group called Stanley Park Advocates. We also present some related updates below.

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JAN 15 Update: see also the article published by the Vancouver Parks Board,

JAN 16 Update: Stanley Park Advocates has in turn responded to the above release with this press release of their own:
Stanley Park Advocates News Release January 16

JAN 16: A motion for Stanley Park’s former Fish House restaurant to be converted to a brewpub by Stanley Park Brewing went to Vancouver city council yesterday. The motion passed with only one Councillor dissenting.

JAN 17: SPA won people’s hearts, AB won people’s pockets”
Report on the results of Vancouver City Council meeting on Wed Jan 16 (from Stanley Park Advocates)

JAN 31 Update: Stanley Park Advocates issues new press release: Anheuser-Busch and Vancouver Park Board vs at-risk Great Blue Herons
Stanley Park Advocates News Release January 31

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In an unprecedented move, the Vancouver Park Board has invited Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest beer conglomerate, to operate in Stanley Park. Without proper public consultation, environmental or neighbourhood impact studies, the brewery may start construction immediately – directly by a 120-nest at-risk Great Blue Heron breeding colony (

Not only will construction commence at the very sensitive start of the heron breeding season, but a large patio will be facing the colony from now on, with people spilling out late into the night under the herons’ nests. Novel and prolonged disturbance such as this may cause heron colony abandonment, and there are precious few large colonies like this left on our coast.

The Vancouver Park Board and City Council are about to set a precedent for allowing Anheuser Busch breweries, the promotion of drinking, and commercialization in parks throughout BC!

When queried about their choice of tenant for the old Fish House site, the Park Board cited “maximized profit and capital infrastructure investment.”

Park Commissioner Stuart Mackinnon voted against the proposal, and embodied the crucial stewardship role we elect the Park Board to play for us, when he said, “…I don’t believe our parks are meant for commercial manufacturing of products. There are lots of places within Vancouver to put [breweries].”

It is now up to the citizens who love Stanley Park to convince City Hall, the Vancouver Liquor Control Board, and Province of BC to protect Stanley Park from environmental repercussions, commercialization and corporate exploitation.

We only have one week – City Hall meets 9:30am, Wednesday, Jan 17.

Please take action to protect Stanley Park by:

  1. View, like, share the video outlining the Top 10 Concerns: https://
  2. Express your views to the Vancouver Mayor and City Council through the online form. And come to the January 17 meeting (see )
  3. Email the Vancouver Park Board Commissioners: [email protected] (group that approved the Anheuser-Busch brewery for a park)

For more information and to read the full Report – visit the Stanley Park Advocates web site:

Only with your support is there a chance to keep our beloved Stanley Park the jewel that it is. Thank you. Stanley Park Advocates

Contact: [email protected] or +1 604 728 4580.



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SPA won people’s hearts, AB won people’s pockets

From: Stanley Park Advocates <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, Jan 18, 2018 at 9:01 AM
Subject: spa won people’s hearts, AB won people’s pockets


Well, Stanley Park Advocates, the day has come:

Report of Results

– We had support from Carr, the only person willing to challenge what the Park Board recommended. Carr clearly grasped the fundamental issues: without proper public consultation, this is a precedent setting decision to commercialize and allow industrial manufacturing and retail sales of alcohol into all BC parks where all are prohibited. She also understood that the Park Board, abdicating their stewardship role, is violating their own Heronry buffer zone requirements by planting all of this next to the at-risk Heron Colony.

– Reimer wanted to vote for us, but it came down to the narrow parameters of the liquor primary license request and the information the Park Board, police or staff provided.

– It was clearly all about money. Councillor Stephens said as much. If Carr could have come up with a way to finance the Park Board without Anheuser-Busch’s influx, he would have voted with her.

– Everyone else just toed the line and chose to ignore the disturbing and contradictory facts SPA and others presented.

Community Liaison Committee

However, Council wanted to implement a rarely used, but special “Community Liaison Committee’ provision to monitor the activities of this development. We don’t know exactly what this means yet, but believe it may help.

Spreading the Love

Each of you have made a difference in your own way whether spreading the word, offering to help or raising challenging questions – THANK YOU. We share a few excerpts received from the broad base of people that comprise this group – from your next door neighbour, to fellow Vancouverites and citizens across the globe:
“The fact that PB, LLCB, Brewpub Boys, and city hall have been warned that citizens are knowledgeable, care, and are watching is a huge advantage for us going forward. And the fact that a community liaison will be set up is awesome as well.”
“Thank you all for a superb job. We shall no doubt meet again.”
“And thank you everyone on this fine team of crusaders. What everyone accomplished individually and collaboratively…. was extraordinary. Thank you too to everyone who spoke!”

“Thanks to each of you for your impressive contribution – everyone in their own way. Your unrelenting support has meant so much!
“Thank you to those that spoke out publicly, who wrote to media, and to everyone who supported the cause! We are grateful for all your efforts.”
Neighbours Unified for the Future

The windfall from this impressive grassroots and volunteer group is that we have connected and mobilized fantastic people with different talents, perspectives and interests across our special neighbourhood.

People hope we will stay active and connected as a community to address future issues. We will if there is interest and support. But first, let’s take a rest. 🙂

The Herons – and We – Thank You!

A Brief History of Stanley Park Brewing, Part I

A Brief History of Stanley Park Brewing, Part II – the Battle for the Fish House

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