Russell Brewing + Mind the Bar Team Up

From Russell Brewing Co.

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Russell Brewing and Mind the Bar Canada have come together to create a low alcohol Belgian Table Beer. This collaboration hopes to help dismantle the stigma surrounding mental health within the hospitality industry. Partial Proceeds from each 4 pack and keg will be donated to MTB

Collab for a Cause

About Mind the Bar

It started with a Facebook post. Founder Shoel Davidson wrote an honest account of a difficult year – from a major depressive episode and suicidal thoughts to finding a therapist and discovering new tools for coping with what he knew would be an ongoing process, and the frustrating time he had trying to find the resources he needed in those moments of crisis

Over that year he started conversation with his business partner, who also felt the frustration of not knowing how to help, who to reach out to, to help her friend. They in turn started to discuss the obvious issue with their peers – the restaurant industry is woefully underprepared and undereducated to deal with the omnipresent mental health crisis that has run rampant for decades, leaving a destructive trail of addiction, self-harm and loss.

Those peers became the founding board for Mind the Ba, and their vision is what you see before you, and beyond.

At its core, Mind the Bar is a mental health resource, information, & support system, and community hub designed for the hospitality industry, that focuses on the major issues of depression, anxiety, addiction & workplace harassment.

It’s goal is to ultimately dismantle the negative stigma associated with mental health by changing the way we discuss, address & cope with it.

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About the Beer

ABV 3.5% IBU 20

A Belgian Table Beer brewed with Spelt and a healthy amount of flaked wheat. Hopped with Saaz and fermented with Belgian Trappist yeast.

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