My Road to Cicerone®: Paul Pyne

From Certified Cicerone® Program, by Shana Solarte

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Paul Pyne is a Certified Cicerone® from Vancouver, Canada. Here he shares how achieving Cicerone certification helped him kickstart a successful career in the beer industry.

  1. Where do you work now and what do you do there?
    Currently, I hold a few different positions:
    Territory Manager Outside Sales for Central City Brewers + Distillers – Owner/Operator Craft Beer Consulting / Education
    Simon Fraser University – Instructor Introduction to Brewing
  2. What industry were you working in when you started preparing for the Certified Cicerone exam?
  3. How did you first hear of the Cicerone Certification Program?
    While hosting an event at a Tap House I managed, there was a Certified Cicerone essentially entertaining the crowd with beer knowledge and tastings from the many selections we offered. He was kind enough to meet me for lunch and let me pick his brain.

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