PicoBrew Expands to Canada

PicoBrew, the Seattle, WA company that makes the Zymatic all grain brewing appliance finding favour with craft breweries for pilot batch production, has opened up a Canadian sales office in Toronto. George Dyke, one of the initial and principal investors in PicoBrew, now has a Zymatic evaluation unit in Ontario so craft breweries can try making beers on it and experience firsthand Zymatic’s virtues of unprecedented precision and consistency. Brewing capacity is 2.5 US gallons per batch and the cool thing is that you brew directly to and ferment within external kegs. Zymatic fits on a counter-top and requires no external water connection. Time to brew on the machine is about 4 hours, so it’s possible to do multiple batches a day! And clean-up up is quick and painless.

George will also be forging partnerships with Canadian breweries to offer their beers in conjunction with PicoBrew’s new consumer product “Pico” that will be shipping beginning in May. Pico is for people that love craft beer but don’t have the expertise or desire to source ingredients, weigh them and worry about the complexity of brewing. Instead, pre-packaged ready-to-brew ingredient kits can be purchased from the company’s online store at www.brewmarketplace.com. The “PicoPaks” are simply inserted into the Pico and with the push of a button folks are brewing 5 litres of great beer into a mini-keg in under 2 hours!

PicoBrew has partnered with over 100 top breweries around the world to offer their beers as PicoPaks and more are joining daily. Pico is destined to be a game changer in the way beer is distributed. PicoPaks give local breweries the means to have their beers consumed worldwide. Similar to an iTunes business model but for beer, breweries make a royalty on every PicoPak sold while Pico owners and their friends enjoy fresh craft beer across Canada and around the world!

To try out the Zymatic or to get on board with PicoBrew and offer your beers as PicoPaks, contact George at 647-896-3202 or [email protected].

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