Phillips Brewing’s Benefit Brew opens 2019 nominations, Goes Green

From Phillips Brewing

Nominations are now open for the 2019 Benefit Brew, an annual project where Phillips Brewing Company creates a custom brew for a cause. The beer is named after the charity, given a custom-designed label, and full proceeds are donated (approx. $10,000). Which cause? That’s up to you! With the increased urgency to tackle climate change, we’re dedicating this year’s Benefit Brew to environmental organizations throughout AB that are addressing this important global issue with unique and creative local solutions.

You can nominate your favourite environmentally-focused charity now until January 11th at Any charity dedicated to addressing solutions to climate change and environmental protection can be nominated, but in support of age-related alcohol marketing regulations, children’s focused organizations cannot be accepted. Although you are limited to one nomination per day, you’re welcome to nominate several of your favourite environmental organizations now until January 11th. Just a friendly reminder that this is a non-voting stage and repeated nominations of the same charity have no bearing on the finalists selected. We’d love to hear about as many different groups and campaigns as possible so tell us all about your favourite environmental stewards that aren’t shy about wearing their hearts on their green sleeves.

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