Penticton’s Bad Tattoo Brewing Will Not Enforce BC Vaccine Passport

From Ale Sessions

Penticton based Bad Tattoo Brewing appears to be the first brewery in the province to take a public stance against the provincial health orders.

The newly announced vaccine passport from the BC government is set to begin on September 13th, requiring all individuals to provide proof of vaccination to access a broad range of social, recreational, and discretionary events and businesses throughout the province. This includes indoor, and outdoor dining.

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  1. Anyone who is opposed to this mandate is a complete and utter bellend . Furthermore , any businesses that don’t comply should become instantly ineligible to receive any government assitance . You make the bed, you lie in it.
    I am glad that the ignorant businesses are so loudly proclaiming that they won’t be supporting the passports. It let’s me , and other sane individuals know where to NOT patronize, both now, and in the future.

  2. Bad choice. Whether Lee Agur’s decision to not enforce vaccine passport’s stems from a business related (I don’t want my costumer base to dwindle due to only people with vaccines attending) or ideological (I don’t believe in masks/the vaccine, this infringes on my charter of rights and freedoms), this decision is certainly going to divide his costumer base. I for example. who have been supporting his business for years, regard this decision as a disregard for public safety. The summer surge of number in the Okanagan, are mostly due to the unvaccinated, who have had no regard for other people’s safety – these are the people Lee Agur is standing up for. The unvaccinated who are cluttering our hospitals and overwhelming our healthcare system – these are the people Lee Agur is standing up for. The unvaccinated who are putting our their unvaccinated children under 12 returning to school at risk and our seniors in care homes – these are the people Lee Agur is standing up for. With all this in mine, I’m going to chose businesses that practice safety and promote public responsibility. I’m never going to buy or attend anything related to Bad Tattoo again.

  3. I’m sorry to hear of this very poor decision. As a vaccinated person, I was looking forward to going to establishments where I felt safe and didn’t have to worry about whether the people at the next table were vaccinated or not. My husband, although he has been vaccinated has been going through cancer treatment, consequently we are not sure of how well the vaccine has taken and what his immune response will be if he comes into contact with an infected person. I am saddened to hear that the management of Bad Tatoo have decided to favor the 15% of the unvaccinated population at the risk of not appeasing the 85% of the population that has chosen to vaccinate and do their part in helping us through this pandemic. As a frequent visitor to Bad Tatoo, I will be abstaining from visiting there until I once again feel safe. I hope management reconsiders their decision soon.

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