Superb Owl: It’s what to drink during the “Big Game”

The NFL guards its Super Bowl trademark jealously. As a result, every year, thousands of businesses that haven’t paid them a licensing fee try to avoid infringement trouble when advertising food, drink and hospitality for Super Sunday by referring to the event obliquely as the “Big Game”.

However, some clever marketers have found a much more entertaining term to use, and Parallel 49 Brewing (@Parallel49Brewing) is one of the latest to adopt it. Be sure to reach for their Superb Owl Kolsch when you’re quenching your thirst this Sunday.

P49’s beer can artwork is great. But the all-time best Superb Owl award might have to go to another Vancouver area operator: Boston Pizza, for their hilarious helmeted owl campaign from a few years back.

Here are the release details from Bring Your Porter to the Slaughter:

Parallel 49 Brewing in Vancouver, BC has released a new limited-edition beer called Superb Owl.

Superb Owl is a very light coloured Kolsch that is said to be easy-drinking and slightly bitter with tropical fruit and citrus notes.

Superb Owl is available now in the Parallel 49 beer store and will be heading to select private liquor stores this week.

4.5% ABV


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