US Roundup of Non-Alcoholic Craft Beers features Canada’s Partake

From Well + Good, by Emily Laurence

Our readers will be interested to know that Canadian brand Partake Brewing, formerly brewed at Vancouver’s Factory Brewing, is amongst the US brands showcased in this feature on 0% beers. – Ed.

Non-Alcoholic Beer Is Actually Cool Now

For decades, while its popular, boozy cousins flew off the shelves, non-alcoholic beer has collected dust in the basements of bars and liquor stores.

Most of the big beer brands offer an option—Budweiser, Heineken, and Amstel among them—but they’re certainly not compelling anyone to pop open a cold one. They’re comparable to the platter of chopped carrots and ranch dip at the end of the buffet table: obligatory and unexciting.

But, in the past few years, that’s started to change. With the rise of interest in “sober” drinking, non-alcoholic beer is becoming a true craft specialty, with new companies focused solely on it. Leading the charge are Athletic Brewing, WellBeing Brewing, and Partake Brewing.

“For decades, major brewers pretty much had a non-alcoholic beer option just so they could have a designated driver program,” WellBeing founder Jeff Stevens says. “But they didn’t care if it was any good—and it showed. It was incredibly stale.”

Fortunately, the latest options are the opposite of stale. Keep reading to see how the industry is changing, and why the wellness world, in particular, is taking note.

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