New craft breweries enliven North Vancouver

From, by Lucas Aykroyd. Photo: HOUSE OF FUNK

2019-launched Shipyards Brewery District offers fresh options for beer fans in Vancouver

I’m at a waterfront bar decorated in psychedelic colours, which the founder compares to “an ancient church on acid.” A nearby logo features an eye reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian god Horus or Tolkien’s arch-villain Sauron. Meanwhile, I’m guzzling experimental, small-batch craft beers named after Roman goddesses like Juno and Diana. Where on earth have I ended up?

We’ll get to the specifics later. For starters, it’s stunning enough to realize that I’m experiencing North Vancouver’s first brewery district.

City council approved the rezoned Shipyards Brewery District in April. Now, in addition to the 2013-founded Green Leaf Brewing at the Lonsdale Quay Market, four new craft breweries sit just a 10-minute walk or less from the SeaBus terminal.

So in theory, you can arrive in Vancouver by air, rail, or bus, hop on a nearby SkyTrain to downtown’s Waterfront Station, and then take a 12-minute SeaBus ride across Burrard Inlet to begin your North Van beer adventure immediately.

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