Miller Lite Turned a Beer Can Into a Video Game Controller, and We Tried It

From Popular Mechanics, by Andrew Daniels

Because we don’t just test table saws and weed wackers.

Video games and beer are made for each other. Smashing buttons to beat bad guys is as good a workout as any; a crisp cold one, then, is the perfect reward for sitting and sweating. Ever play FIFA or Mario Kart in a dorm room without a six-pack present? Of course not. It’s a combination that simply makes sense.

Miller Lite knows this, which is why it’s cutting out the middleman. Today, the O.G. light beer is debuting a completely ridiculous, yet ingenious device that probably won’t revolutionize gaming, but will, at the very least, quench your thirst. Meet the Cantroller: a fully functional gaming controller fashioned from a full can of beer.

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