Licenced Barber Shop offers beer to keep customers coming back

From CBC News | Thunder Bay, by Jeff Walters

Above picture: Joseph Diene and Mitchell Lehmann sip on a beer while waiting for a haircut at The Barber Shop on Frederica Street in Thunder Bay, Ont. (Jeff Walters/CBC) 

Originally posted on Dec 05, 2018 7:30 AM ET | Last Updated: December 5

Barber says he’s been thinking about getting liquor licence for past 12 years

Just a little off the top, and a beer please.

It might sound a little odd, but for customers at The Barber Shop in Thunder Bay, Ont., those waiting for — or getting — a haircut, can now enjoy a can of suds at the same time.

“You come on in, we can get you a beer, you can have one prior to your haircut,” said Bryan Fresco, the owner of The Barber Shop on Frederica Street.

Or you can even have a cold brew while your locks fall to the floor.

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