‘It was a nasty dispute’: Remembering the B.C. beer lockout of 1978

From CBC News, by Maryse Zeidler

Hundreds of beer brewery workers picketed in 1978, causing beer taps to go dry. (CBC)

Former union executive Rick Sutherland looks back at 17-week lockout

Beer taps running dry of Canadian beer and Metro Vancouverites streaming across the border to buy Budweiser: such was the B.C. beer lockout of 1978.

“The consumers were quite upset, let’s put it that way,” said Rick Sutherland, a former executive with the local chapter of the Brewery Winery and Distillery Workers Union.

“It was a nasty dispute.”

Forty years ago this month, hundreds of B.C. beer workers were locked out by the major three breweries at the time: Labatt, Molson and Carling O’Keefe.

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