Inaugural edition of the Vancouver Brewers Fest

VANCOUVER – VANCOUVER BREWERS FEST – INAUGRAL YEAR – Friday April 21st to Sunday April 30th, 2023. The Craft Brewers of Vancouver would like to announce the inaugural edition of the Vancouver Brewers Fest: A celebration of craft beer held at each of the 25 participating Vancouver based craft breweries, from Friday April 21st to Sunday April 30th. Each of the craft breweries that call Vancouver home have helped create one of the most vibrant, exciting, and inclusive craft beer communities in Canada.

In the spirit of giving back to the community that has supported locally produced craft beer, the Craft Breweries that call the city of Vancouver home have come together to organize a 10-day beer fest. In the first year of holding this fest, all events will take place in brewery tasting rooms and brewery lounges that crisscross the city, bringing our communities together over a glass of beer.

There are sure to be collaborations, tap takeovers, games, special functions, beer dinners and talks, along with other craft beer focused events and gatherings. It’s a chance to connect with your local brewery, meet others with a similar interest in craft beer, and discover one of the many unique breweries that call Vancouver home.

All information, individual events and details can be found at www.vancouverbrewersfest.com
Participating Breweries:
33 Acres Brewing Co.
• 33 Brewing Experiment
• Andina Brewing
• Bomber Brewing
• Brassneck Brewery
• Brewhall
• Brewing August
• Callister Brewing
• Container Brewing
• East Van Brewing
• Electric Bicycle Brewing
• Faculty Brewing
• Luppolo Brewing
• Main Street Beer
• Off The Rail Brewing
• Parallel 49 Brewing
• Powell Brewery
• Red Truck Beer Co.
• Slow Hand Beer Company
• Steamworks Brewpub
• Storm Brewing
• Strange Fellows Brewing
• Strathcona Beer Company
• Yaletown Brewing Co.
• Van Urban Beer Co.

Vancouver is home to some of the oldest craft breweries in BC and Canada. Our community of brewers have long pushed the boundaries of craft beer, helping to make Vancouver one of the best places in Canada to enjoy a beer. Vancouver Brewers Fest celebrates local, craft beer and community.

For more information please contact:

c/o Strange Fellows Brewing – 1345 Clark Drive, Vancouver BC