How a P.E.I. entrepreneur is cashing in on the latest beer trend

From CBC News | PEI, by Sara Fraser

Above picture: Jordan Stetson of New World Foeders has completed a couple of foeders and is working on several more made-to-order. (Submitted by Jordan Stetson) 

Originally posted on Posted: Jan 06, 2019 7:00 AM AT | Last Updated: January 6

‘Tiny wooden wonder’ brews up unique beer with subtle flavours not found in stainless steel vats

Jordan Stetson of Freetown, P.E.I., believes he is Canada’s first manufacturer of foeders — large wooden barrels used to age beer, wine and spirits.

The vessels have long been used to ferment wine and spirits and can last for decades, but now craft breweries in North America are using the casks to brew up tasty new creations like sour and aged beers.

“Foeders lend themselves to producing those styles of beers, so as those styles of beers become more popular, breweries are looking at being able to produce those beers in larger volumes than they would in, say a wine barrel,” said Stetson, 28.

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