How a Halifax brewery is working to break down craft beer stereotypes

From CBC News, by Richard Woodbury

Photo: Robert Short/CBC

When Giovanni Johnson applied to some Halifax breweries for a job in 2016, he didn’t fit the stereotype of someone interested in craft beer.

He’s not a young, white man with a beard. Rather, Johnson is black and originally from the Bahamas.

The 26-year-old first became intrigued with the brewing process while a student at Mount Saint Vincent University majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry. In one class, they swabbed trees to obtain yeast cultures and made cider with it. He was inspired to make some wine and beer.

When Johnson decided to seek work in the field, one of the places he applied was Good Robot Brewing in north-end Halifax.

“I didn’t have a huge knowledge of craft beer,” said Johnson.

Today, he is believed to be the only professional black brewer in Nova Scotia.

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