Coquitlam Beer Festival March 2018


Canadian Beer is Best, says a Belgian

By Nolan Janssens on

Stella Artois or Canadian—which is the better beer? That is not the question. I’m not talking about corporate sponsors. I’m talking about beer. I’ve loved beer since I was six years old. My parents weren’t… Continue Reading

Four Rules for your Craft Beer Summer

By Mike Ansley on

Excerpted from Warm days are upon us friends! The days are getting longer, the animals are getting frisky and beer fests have started to hide their morning wood after a long hibernation. We’ve toughed it… Continue Reading

Beers, Beaches and Breweries

By Kim Lawton on

While spring has been a bit elusive this year in the South Okanagan, the craft beer scene is blossoming at record high rates. In April, we celebrated the 22nd Annual Okanagan Fest of Ale with… Continue Reading

What Makes Beer Sessionable?

By Aaron Goldfarb for Like many modern beer drinking trends – see: IPA – the idea of “session” beer starts with the British. It is said the earliest beer-drinking sessions started during World War I, when… Continue Reading

The Importance of Clean Lines

By Adam Chatburn on

There’s a lot to know about draft lines, so this crash course is just an introduction. The hoses that connect beer kegs and casks to taps—the lines—need regular cleaning. Dirty lines adversely affect the flavour… Continue Reading

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