Hop Take: Sparkling Canned Cocktails Are Buzzing (Sorry, Beer)

From VinePair, by Cat Wolinski

Above picture from vinepair.com

Originally posted on December 13, 2018

On Wednesday, MillerCoors announced a new line of canned cocktails, Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails. Scheduled to debut in 2019, flavors include Blackberry Mojito, Margarita, and Hard Strawberry Lemonade.

They are filled with buzzwords: The slim-canned sparklers are low-calorie (120), gluten-free, and contain no artificial flavors. They’re 4.5 percent ABV, made with fermented cane sugar, and contain “six simple ingredients that consumers know and understand,” Sofia Colucci, vice president of innovations for MillerCoors, said. “Today, consumers want it all. They want simple ingredients, lower calories and sugar with all of the flavor.”

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