Expedia Survey: 1000 Canadians Choose Top 18 Cities to Visit

From Expedia, by Jennifer Cuellar

It’s time to crack your knuckles, open your calendar, and decide where you’re going to visit in 2018. We could toss around a number of cities we think are worth the trip, but this year, we thought we’d do things differently. We conducted a survey of 1,000 Canadians and asked them which city they’d recommend their fellow travellers visit in the new year.

You wouldn’t believe how many survey-takers recommended British Columbia as a top spot to visit in 2018. It could be the picturesque landscapes, epic cities like Vancouver or Kelowna, or even the growing foodie scene. But we’re going to take a different angle: beer. As you might have read in our Best Beer Towns article (which was one of our most read articles in 2017, btw), beer is BIG in BC. And might we suggest Penticton as first stop? Why, you ask? Just see below.

Top Things to Do in 2018

  • You heard us when we said beer! The Okanagan Fest of Ale Craft Beer & Cider Festival is where you go when you want to get fuzzy in the brain and happy in the belly. There are about 175 crafted brews on deck, and about 5,000 attendees. Make this the year you’re 5,001.
  • If you just want that #publife, there are so many great spots in Penticton. Cannery Brewing has an Anarchist Amber Ale with a crisp finish that pulls no punches; The Tin Whistle Brewing Company offers a Coyote Blonde Ale with hints of strawberry and banana esters; and Maple Leaf Spirits, Inc. offers unique fruit brandies, grape spirits, and maple liqueur.

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