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Hop Harvest

Mitch and Ben went out to the Sartori family hop farm again this year to pick up freshly-harvested Centennial hops for our annual batch of Wet-Hopped Blonde. This beer has become a real tradition for us around the brewery, starting with a trip to one of the most beautiful farms any of us have ever been to.

The Sartori family’s hop farm is halfway up a mountainside south of Cultus Lake in Chilliwack. We had a blue-sky day again for the drive out this year, and we arrived just in time to watch our hops get harvested and then run through the mechanical separator that miraculously removes the delicate hops intact from the bine.

Wet-Hopped Blonde is bottle-conditioned, so it is always the last fresh hop beer to hit the shelves every year, but we find that the bottle conditioning does an amazing job at preserving the hop freshness. You can expect to find this beer in stores and at our tasting room in the middle of October.

Antwerpen Returns!

Our award-winning abbey-style tripel is back!

This is our abbey-style tripel, an 8.5% abv. blonde ale with a beautiful fruity, floral aroma. It is surprisingly light on the palate for its strength, but it is complex and full-flavoured, and makes a wonderful pairing for cheese or charcuterie.

Antwerpen won a gold medal at the 2018 Canadian Brewing Awards and a silver at the 2017 BC Beer Awards, and we think the latest batch is truly exceptional.

You may have noticed that we release this beer more than once a year; that’s because we miss it when it’s gone. This beer is becoming something in between a full-time, always-available beer, and an annual release. We’ll brew it whenever we’re thirsty for it (and when we have space in our tanks for it).

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