Craft Beer Documentary ‘For the Love of Craft’ Screenings Announced

From, by Jess Baker

What does it take to be an industry pioneer, to build your dream?

Fighting exhaustion, financial strain and self-doubt, some of the pioneers of small and independent U.S. craft brewing relive the early days of building their dream breweries in a new craft beer documentary short titled “For the Love of Craft.”

The craft beer documentary features several well-known brewery founders: Larry Bell (Bell’s Brewery), Kevin Blodger (Union Craft Brewing), Ken Grossman (Sierra Nevada), Kim Jordan (New Belgium Brewing), and Jim Koch (Boston Beer Co.).

“Everyone told me I was crazy,” Ken Grossman says in the documentary’s teaser trailer, which you can watch at the top of this article.

“Lunatic Larry down by the railroad tracks selling beer in a bag and a box,” says Larry Bell, laughing at the memory of what people would say as he built his brewery.

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