The Cool Story Behind Callister Brewing’s Stag Logo

From Scout Magazine, by Thalia Stopa

Branding Vancouver looks at some of the more interesting logos and icons that appear in Vancouver’s food and beverage scene.

The Brand:  Callister Brewing

Designed by: Chris Lay (Co-founder and Brewmaster)

Some backstory, as told by Chris: “The name for Callister Brewing comes from a little park in East Van called Callister Park, located on Renfrew between Oxford and Cambridge Streets. There used to be a stadium there that was owned by the PNE. My grandfather was its caretaker from 1949 until 1970, when they closed it down. They lived in a little suite under the stands. In fact, my father grew up there from the time he was about 8 years old. There is a great photo that appears as an advertisement for the Stadium in the Province Newspaper, in which you can see my grandmother’s laundry hanging in the stands.”

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