Calgary beer lover downs pints to get to his 20,000th unique brew

From CBC News, by Rachel Ward

Don Tse takes beer seriously. He’s a certified beer judge and a professional beer writer. He’s also about to mark having sampled 20,000 different beers. (Michele Tse). Originally Posted: Aug 15, 2018 2:16 PM MT | Last Updated: August 15

Local brewery makes new concoction in Don Tse’s honour, dubbed ‘the Village Idiot’

A self-proclaimed beer nerd is getting ready to drink his 20,000th unique brew.

Don Tse​ of Calgary has meticulously tracked his beer drinking for the past two decades in a spreadsheet. As of Wednesday morning, he had recorded having sampled 19,983 different beers.

“Even when I hear it, I’m a little bit shocked by it. I have 17 to go,” Tse told the Calgary Eyeopener, while sporting a T-shirt that read “The Don of Beer.”

He plans to drink 16 by Saturday, because that day, he’ll drink his 20,000th beer.

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