Best Beer Towns in Canada

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Beer snobs, unite! It’s a great time to be a Canadian hophead, and things are only getting better. In every province, across the prairies and over the mountains, you’ll find beer that’s innovative, super-fresh, and just plain delicious. Whether you’re new to the scene or regularly use phrases like “The esters in this bottle-conditioned ale are extremely quaffable,” we’ve uncovered the best Canadian craft beer for your palate. What a time to be alive, indeed.

The towns we’ve chosen are in no particular order, but we have given them a rating system.

? – The Taps in Town icon rates the number of breweries, brewpubs, or total taps you’ll find. If a spot has just one brewpub, but it has a hundred taps, it can still be rated well.

? – The Praise and Slays icon is for awards. Won multiple gold medals, swept a category, or just plain have a lotof recognition? That city will rate highly in this category.

? – The Creative Spirit rating is awarded for a certain pioneering spirit, whether that’s experimenting with unique ingredients or building a brew scene where there wasn’t one before.

While you’ll see a few of the usual contenders on the list, we’ve tried to find the less well-known destinations for a “beery” good time. After all, if you call yourself a beer lover, we’re sure you’ve heard of Toronto. It’s time to break out your beer phrasebook and brush up on your slang—we’re about to drop some new knowledge on you.

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