Beer battle brewing between Regina craft brewer and Minhas distillery

From CBC News | Saskatchewan, by Janani Whitfield

Above picture: Minhas Saskatchewan Distillery, Winery and Brewery was briefly selling Rebellion Brewing beer. However, the tap handle was not labelled as Rebellion, stoking anger from the Regina craft brewing business. (CBC News) 

Originally posted on Dec 14, 2018 6:41 PM CT | Last Updated: December 14

SLGA confirms it’s looking into complaint

Regina’s Minhas brewery is accused of selling somebody else’s beer and it’s causing a stir in the local craft beer industry.

Rebellion Brewing owner Mark Heise says the Minhas Sask brewery in the Queen City has been selling his craft beer as its own.

He says he received an anonymous tip about it during the Wednesday lunch hour.

He says he knew he had not sold the keg to Minhas, and his business acted quickly to retrieve its suds.

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