B.C.’s craft beer taking off in Asia — where a pint can cost up to $25

From CBC News, by Clare Hennig

Dan Wainwright, with Pacific Rim Distributors, estimates that craft beer makes up between two to three per cent of the market in Asia — up from less than 0.5 per cent a couple of years ago — and is continuing to grow rapidly. (CBC). Originally Posted: Aug 22, 2018 2:12 PM PT | Last Updated: 8 hours ago

High import tariffs quadruple price in some places but that’s not halting demand

British Columbia’s craft beer scene is booming — and not just locally.

Seven B.C. craft brewers now have beers in the Asia-Pacific region, all part of a growing lucrative market for B.C. beer overseas. Just this month, Parallel 49 Brewing was in China to launch its beer there.

“[The market in Asia] is just budding, but it’s catching up extremely fast,” said Dan Wainwright, the president and co-founder of Pacific Rim Distributors.

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