B.C. exports to Alberta more valuable than exports to China: business council

From Richmond News, by Nelson Bennett / Business in Vancouver

Photo of shipping activity in Metro Vancouver. By Paul Williams, flickr.com (Credit: richmond-news.com)

B.C. Premier John Horgan says his government never meant to provoke a fight with Alberta when it announced proposed restrictions aimed at halting the $7.4 billion Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

But he’s got one now, and it’s a fight that he might have to wage on two fronts, because this time around, a Trudeau government might be on Alberta’s side, at least in words if not in action.

“We started it,” said Iain Black, CEO of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade. “We unnecessarily kicked the hornet’s nest on this one on a project that has been thoroughly studied.”

On the B.C.-Alberta front, $16 billion worth of Alberta-bound goods and services from B.C. could be vulnerable to boycotts and trade sanctions.

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