B.C. brewery urges women to apply for CEO role, appeals for more diversity in beer industry

From CBC News | British Columbia, by Clare Hennig

Above picture: Jacquie Loehndorf, head brewer at Faculty Brewing, is the only woman on the production side in her company. (CBC)

Originally posted on Posted: Feb 06, 2019 12:30 PM PT | Last Updated: February 6

Persephone Brewing co-owner’s comments welcomed by women in province’s booming craft beer sector

A popular brewery on the Sunshine Coast is calling for more diversity in the beer industry after its search for a new CEO drew only male applicants.

Persephone Brewing co-owner and current CEO Brian Smith took to social media encouraging women to apply for the role, saying B.C.’s booming craft beer sector needs more female leaders.

“We don’t have enough diversity within our company and we recognize that as a shortcoming,” Smith said.

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