33 Acres Is the Dream Brunch Spot for Coffee and Beer Lovers Alike

From Teresa Lam for HYPEBAE

Image credit: GARRETT RIFFAL

Did someone say beer?

Have you ever been to a café so cozy that it kind of feels like home? That’s the case with 33 Acres Brewing Company. First opened its doors in 2013, the Vancouver-based eatery is housed in a welcoming space furnished with rustic (some even homemade) furniture and minimalist decor. On days when Raincouver is surprisingly dry, the sun would seep through the window, making the storefront look even more aesthetic than it already is.

It all made sense when we learned that its founder, Josh Michnik, comes from a background of design and photography. Driven by his love for good coffee and beer, as well as his wish for others to come together and create, Josh built 33 Acres from the ground up with the help of a brewmaster and a tight-knit team. Tucked in the back end of the café-bar is the brewery, where all the magic happens. It’s fascinating to see how the brand’s own craft beers are made, and more than that, how the space is so well-kept — tidy, systematic and smells extremely clean.

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