2017 BC Craft Beer Survey Results – Consumer Demographics, Preferences & Opinions

From Beer Me BC, by Dustan Sept

2017 BC Craft Beer Consumer Opinions, Preferences & Demographics

The 2017 BC Craft Survey Results are in. In the 5th annual survey we collected survey responses from 1172 consumers. The survey took place over the duration of November 2017 and responses were collected through an online form.

The results are a representation of the opinions and preferences of craft beer consumers. This is not meant to be a representation of all BC consumers as there is a significant bias to those that are engaged in craft beer.

Gender of Survey Respondents

The respondents to the 2017 BC Craft Beer Survey indicated that 29% of craft beer consumers are currently female with 71% male. There were 3 responses (.26%) that did not enter a response.

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