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What’s Brewing Winter 2020

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About This Issue

Vol. 30 No. 4 Winter 2020 is our “Virtual Beerality” issue. Our contributors and industry panelists explore the present and immediate future of BC craft beer as breweries deal with societal change, virtual events, a shift away from the community hub, and surviving what might be the hardest winter the hospitality industry will see in generations.


  • 06 Virtual Beerality: Our industry panel
  • 10 Ullage & Spillage: The Future of Craft Beer In BC
  • 11 Business Of Beer: Measuring the Impact of 2020
  • 12 Vancity Craft Bros.: Living Within A Social Bubble
  • 15 Virtual Conferencing: Major Beer Events Go Online
  • 37 The State Of Events in 2020: Events Panel
  • 22 Women Of Beer: Samantha Lindeman of Wildeye Brewing
  • 28 Living Here: West Kootenay Brewers Craft for Community

Travel & Regional Reports

  • 24 Have Camera Will Travel: Breweries of the Far West
  • 27 Northern Notes: Northern Craft in Changing Times
  • 31 Beers, Beaches & Breweries: Winter in the Okanagan


  • 16 What’s Brewing Tasting Panel: Dessert Beers
  • 32 A View From The Cellar: Cream (Ale) of the Crop
  • 33 Homebrew Happenin’s: Uorren’s Imperial Stout
  • 33 Brew Club Corner: BC HOMEBREW CLUB LISTING
  • 38 Books In Review: A Natural History of Beer

Tell your friends! Then open a brew, kick back and read about craft beer. Check it out!

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