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Okanagan home brewers ready to hop to it

Penticton’s Warren Everton will be one of 10 home brewers competing against eachother at the Square One Hop Farm this weekend. Photo courtesy of Kim Lawton Brewing enthusiasts go head-to-head in competition this weekend A… Continue Reading

Homebrew Happenin’s

By Warren Boyer on

A Warm Weather Brewing Surprise I have had conversations in the past with homebrewers who do not have a temperature-controlled fermenter and are opting to not brew during the summer while ambient temperatures are in… Continue Reading

Backyard Hop Growing

By Lynn McIlwee on

Entering my fourth year of growing backyard hops, I don’t consider myself an expert but I have produced healthy and happy mature hops (2015 yield: 8lbs of Cascade from one plant). When we started growing… Continue Reading

Bill Herdman: A Brewer’s Tale

By Dave Smith, Editor on

Story Photography: Brian K. Smith I’d like to think that as you read these pages, you’re cozying up to a nice BC craft beer. Maybe you have something a bit hoppy, even dry-hopped. Possibly it’s… Continue Reading

On Fermentation

By Ted Child on

Review of: True Brews by Emma Christensen There is a time in every homebrewer’s life when their very perception of the world changes. You begin to look at everything slightly different, from what's for dinner… Continue Reading

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