Spring 2017

Volume 27 Issue 1 is the Craft Beer Community issue. Within its 48 pages, we pin down what Community means to BC’s small breweries and heroes. Also: Spotlight on Callister Brewing, Fruit Beer Showcase, Spring major event previews and a total of 19 stories and features.

The Importance of Clean Lines

By Adam Chatburn

There’s a lot to know about draft lines, so this crash course is just an introduction. The hoses that connect beer kegs and casks to taps—the lines—need regular cleaning. Dirty… Continue Reading

Women In Beer: Diana McKenzie

By Lundy Dale

I first met Diana McKenzie at the Central City Winter Cask Festival in January 2015. This was Callister Brewing’s first event, well before their opening, so there was plenty of… Continue Reading

Fathers of BC Brewing

By Chloe Smith

I have noticed a trend in articles written about women in the beer industry, and it falls into an archetype that I don't think entirely applies anymore. When we talk… Continue Reading

Heroes Of Beer

By What's Brewing Editorial Team

A 3-point Q&A about what Community means, with: In celebration of our BC Craft Beer Community, we invited some of the many public-minded BC brewing industry folks we have the… Continue Reading

Homebrew Happenin’s

By Warren Boyer

Craft Community Crossover: Home Brewers Visit the Pros At 7 a.m. on January 13, 2017, the Fraser Valley Fermentalists homebrew club gathered at Fuggles & Warlock for a collaboration brew.… Continue Reading

Out and About: In the Community

By Scottie McLellan

Since the first issue of What’s Brewing, we have been out and about, looking for good beers, local restaurants and bars carrying the micro breweries of their time, giving rise… Continue Reading

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