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Hopwired Festival 2020

February 29, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Croatian Cultural Centre
3250 Commercial Dr
Vancouver, BC V5N 4E6

Featuring local, national, and international craft beer and third-wave coffee. Hopwired encourages partnership between craft beer and coffee roasters to make beverages that are fruity, flowery, tangy, spicey, nutty, chocolatey, sweet, sour, soft, mild, and strong.

We have selected some of our favourite breweries and roasters to team up with each-other and bring you some of their best offerings. Patrons at the event will be able to taste the beer, and also the coffee that’s been used in that beer alongside their partner brewery.

Hopwired is focused on coffee. We also offer food trucks, donuts, and water by Element H20 to give your palate a break so that you can be nourished and enjoy your day.

Expect live interviews and tastings with brewers and roasters hosted by Aaron of Cascadian Beer Podcast. With over 15 years in the broadcast industry in three countries, Aaron’s podcast stands out from the others and recently ranked as high as #2 in Apple Podcasts for craft beer.

We end the night with a special presentation from the Vancouver Coffee Snob. His unique style of writing has been called ‘bold’, ‘unique’ and ‘worse than my 5 year old’s best efforts”. He vehemently denies that his writing is bold and unique. Expect a coffee fueled energy award show that can only be described as bold and unique.fe

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