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Craft Cove 2019

June 14, 2019 @ 5:30 pm – June 16, 2019 @ 1:30 pm
Camp Cove

We’ve booked a private campground on beautiful Harrison Lake for the 1st Craft Cove – a home-brew and camping weekend at the lake!

The site is about 90 minutes away from Vancouver near Agassiz.

Everyone is welcome to come to craft cove, it’s not just for home-brewers. Anyone is welcome to come camping and enjoy a weekend of 30 different home-brewed wines, beers, ciders and meads.

All tickets include drinks and start at just $30 for home-brewers who want to bring a keg.

Bring your tents, swimsuits, floaties, RV’s, dogs, smokers and let’s have a big party to kick off the summer. Hopefully the fire ban won’t have come in and we can have a bit of a burn!

Dogs are welcome as long as you’re responsible for your own and they don’t endanger or inconvenience anyone or anything.

This is a 19+ event. We looked at the possibility of allowing children however it was deemed to be too much risk.

Both home-brewer tickets and general admission tickets are on sale now.


Event info:

Site is open for ticket holders from 5pm Friday 14th June.
If you would like to come earlier please contact us. Everyone must leave the site by 2pm on Sunday June 16th.

This event is run on a strict “Leave No trace” principle, please pack out what you pack in and tidy after yourself.

On Saturday afternoon there will be a pot luck, please bring something (or cook it onsite) to share.

Please try to bring as little glass as possible, just for safety. Please clean up broken glass as soon as possible.

Bring enough food, water and supplies for a camping weekend.

Please consider carpooling to save space.


Ticket info:

There are only 80 tickets for this event, everyone coming must have a ticket.

“Brewer” means that you are bringing at least a 20L keg of homebrew and a tap to serve it.
“Regular” means that you are not bringing a keg.

Ticket Prices – all tickets have additional fees:

Regular Ticket: $70
Regular Home-brew club member Ticket: $60
Brewer (non-club member): $40
Brewer (club member): $30

Club-members please make sure your membership is in good standing on June 14th 2019.


Site info:

“Camp Cove, Agassiz” is usually enough for google maps to find the site.
If that doesn’t work for you, take Lougheed Highway (7) past Agassiz, turn at the Sasquatch Inn then take Morris Valley Road until you see the “craft cove” sign.

There is limited space so please try to share. We have room for about 12 RVs and tent pads in the woods, all spots are on a first come first served basis.

The area has had bears, although they rarely bother campers, but please be bear aware.

The event is taking place on the unceded territory of the Sts’Ailes people and we are grateful to share.

It is a former scout camping ground and there is one largely derelict building: the “murder shack”.

There is no water or electricity, please plan accordingly. Portaloos will be brought in for the event.

Access is via a well maintained logging road, most cars will have no problem.

Phone service is spotty and dependent on provider.

If you have questions post here!