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Introducing: the What’s Brewing Beer Caddy

Because sometimes it’s good to be empty-handed!

The most unique holiday beer gift in Canada!

Have you ever seen those lucky people at beer festivals with a lanyard that holds their tasting glass? What’s Brewing is proudly your source (and the only source in Canada, that we’re aware of) for these handy beer festival accessories.

Some people try to make their own, but handmade and crocheted beer lanyards fit only one size glass and soak up sticky beer. Don’t spend time or money on those when you can have the professional, one-size-fits-all Beer Caddy.


Now you too can own the Beer Caddy!
Only CDN $10,
including tax & shipping within Canada.



  • Completely adjustable! Holds any size glass from tiny taster to full-sized pint
  • Classic black; matches any outfit
  • Reversible strap: plain or branded sides
  • Water resistant polyester, wipes or rinses clean
  • Strong, reliable velcro holder


  • You will never drop your taster glass at a beer festival again
  • You will never lose your taster glass at a beer festival again
  • Busy beer pourers will never mix up your glass with other people’s (yuk!)
  • You can finally be at a beer festival and still do regular things with your hands
  • You can eat things without spilling beer all over yourself
  • People will admire your beer festival sense
  • Makes an amazing birthday surprise, holiday gift or stocking stuffer for that beer geek
  • Shows off your support for What’s Brewing, who in turn support BC’s Craft Beer Movement

Who needs this?

Who would want to be seen wearing one of these at a beer festival? Here’s who:

  • People who eat things
  • People who own and use smartphones, or other things that require hands
  • People who have to occasionally hold their friend or partner’s tasting glass
  • People who use washrooms
  • People who don’t love to put their glass down on things in those washrooms
  • People who would love to never lose their taster glass again
  • People who don’t have a well-trained butler present at all times
  • People who possess two hands or less
  • Generally anyone who attends beer festivals and is not an octopus

Does that sound like you? You can now own one or more of these amazing craft beer accessories for only CDN $10. And we’re offering free shipping within Canada!

Usage tips provided with each shipment.

Note: What’s Brewing  features stories and articles written by BC craft beer community volunteers, in support of the local craft beer movement. Any profits resulting from sales of the Beer Caddy will be used to help fund our production and print costs.

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