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For a low price, you can place display ads on, and enjoy

  • Quality traffic: approx. 10,000 views per month
  • Focussed audience: targeted beer fans only
  • Guaranteed views: ad will display until at least the minimums are met
  • Affordable spending
  • A Google News-accredited publisher
  • A World Top 100 beer website

Ad Plans

Guaranteed DurationGuaranteed ImpressionsGeneral Rotation optionPreferred Positioning option
1 Month10,000 Impressions$25$50
3 Months30,000 Impressions$50$100
Mixed in with other ads in ‘rotating billboard’ fashionPlaced top of page or above other ads, in static fashion.


  • Guaranteed minimum exposure: 10,000 impressions
  • Expected time in rotation (10 K impressions): 30 days
  • Guaranteed minimum run time: 30 days

Ad Formats

Leaderboard Banner 728 x 90


Square 360 x 300

We also accept 300 x 250 and 336 x 280 formats.

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