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beer-100-transparent_1000x1000pxWhat’s Brewing  is pleased to introduce affordable Web banner advertising options to our craft beer industry clientele.

You may know that What’s Brewing  magazine and the Hopline are respected in the BC craft beer community as sources of news and opinions. But did you know that our website,, has been rated a world top 100 beer website. We are recently also a certified Google News Publisher whose original content appears in Google’s news feed.

Now, for a low price, you can now place display ads on, and enjoy

Ad Rates

How much? $25 to start. If you’re a details person:

  • Minimum buy: 10,000 impressions
  • Regular CPM rate: $5.00 (per 1000 impressions)
  • Affordable new client introductory rate: 50% off = $25

You get:

  • Guaranteed minimum exposure: 10,000 impressions
  • Guaranteed minimum run time: 30 days
  • Average run time in rotation (10 K impressions): 30-60 days

Get on board early and enjoy close to a 1:1 page view:impression ratio (ie, your ad will be shown on almost every page). Talk to us about preferred page positioning, or key page exposure. Contact or use the button below.

Ad Formats

Leaderboard Banner 728 x 90

Square 300 x 250


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