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Tasting Panel In Session: Five Quarantine-Approved BC Session Beers

Trending upwards rapidly over the last few years, low- or no-alcohol drinks may have found their ideal moment in 2020 with the advent of isolation and its related tendency to overconsume at home. In that spirit, our Tasting Panel is set to assuage the guilt of pandemic drinking. For the first time, we’re pleased to review a handful of “sessionable” moderate ABV beers, perfect for enforced cocooning.

To most in the modern craft beer scene, the term “session beer” means “beer with lower alcohol content.” It should be noted that the etymology of “sessionable” is “style suitable for a drinking session” where one drinks the same beer repeatedly. In other words, true session beers are “drinkable”, as reflected in the chart below. You therefore wouldn’t apply the term to an extremely sour beer, for instance, regardless of alcoholic content. Keep this in mind in case you ever run into a 4% ABV Flanders Red Ale.


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