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In Profile: Doree Quayle & Great Little Box Company

Above: Doree Quayle (centre) of sponsor GLBC celebrates the BC Beer Awards 2018 Best Label Design award with winner Field House Brewing

As a craft beer lover, you may be aware that there are a number of companies involved in process of bringing craft beer to you aside from the actual brewery. Take, for instance, the packaging that delicious beer comes in. It influences which beer you pick off the shelf. A lot of thought goes into its design and fabrication.

Great Little Box Company of Richmond, BC is one of Canada’s corporate gems. They’re a regular winner of “Best Managed” and “Best To Work For” business awards. They’re also a part of BC’s craft beer industry, for which they design and manufacture custom labels and packaging and distribute many other things. We connected with Vice President of Sales Doree Quayle to find out more about what they do for the industry that brings that great craft beer to you.

Q&A With Doree Quayle, VP, Great Little Box Company

You’ve been with GLBC for almost a decade, and in the packaging industry for over twenty-two years overall. What brought you into this industry?

Doree Quayle. Image: LinkedIn

I would say luck. I started in 1997 in customer service and from there I really did fall in love with packaging. It truly is a great industry, but my passion for people, diversity and being part of helping customers realize their visions through packaging is what keeps me in the industry today.

It’s both fun and rewarding to help a customer’s product come to life, and ultimately realize their vision with the help of packaging & labels. Our industry is unique because we get the opportunity to deal with all sizes and types of business and industries. This diversity of business is what keeps it interesting, exciting and ever changing.

One of the sectors GLBC creates packaging for is the BC craft beer industry. Has the trend from bottles towards cans affected your beer-related packaging business?

Yes and no. The trend from bottles to cans just shifts the volume of products we supply from one type to another. Packaging is still required for both, and fortunately we can offer all the packaging related to the BC Craft Beer industry whether it’s for bottles, cans or something yet to be discovered. If it needs packaging or labels we have it covered!

Doree (centre) celebrates a Best Packaging award with Old Yale Brewing at BC Beer Awards 2018. GLBC was sponsor.

Is there synergy between your role in designing and printing labels, and the associated product packaging you handle for breweries?

GLBC manufactures custom labels and flexible packaging in both flexo and digital. Through our expertise, a brewery’s unique vision and stories are brought alive for each of their brands.

In addition, our ability to manufacture all the products required—including labels, folding carton and corrugate—ensures brand consistency and colour throughout all packaging. This is our unique strength: all GLBC product is manufactured under one great roof!

In March 2019, GLBC was recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed companies for the 15th year. A month later, the company was again announced as one of Canada’s Top Small and Medium Employers. This is extremely impressive! What is your secret?

Our ownership is 100% focused on the safety and Growth of our People to ensure we continue to grow our business. Staying true to this is our secret. Without investing in or creating a culture that people want to be a part of, we can’t achieve our mission: to be our customer’s first choice in packaging by changing the game for service.

In what ways is GLBC active in the craft brewing community?

We love the industry and the people in it; everyone has such unique entrepreneurial spirit. We get involved in the community by belonging to the BC, Alberta and Washington brewers’ guilds and associations and by sponsoring many BC & Alberta beer industry awards and conferences. We also take the opportunity to give back via collaboration-based fundraising brews.

GLBC team having fun at the BC Craft Brewers Conference

How does your company promote sustainability?

GLBC is committed to sustainability through a four pillar approach.

  1. Our operations team ensures that we recover and recycle as much scrap as possible throughout our processes. Almost every material used in our operations is separated and sent to the appropriate recycling or recovery facility including plastics, metal strapping, corrugate and foam.
  2. Our second approach is through the sourcing of innovative and sustainable materials and our commitment to maintaining our certifications in both SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).
  3. Thirdly, our Innovative Solutions Team utilizes best practices in structural design to reduce material usage and create designs which can use alternate substrates including recycled content materials.
  4. Finally, our employee-focused programs drive initiatives such as head office composting, installation of electric vehicle chargers and an office recycling program.

Which of GLBC’s many awards are you most proud of, and why?

I am most proud and honoured to be part of GLBC because of the awards that represent how our company treats our employees, which is really represented in all the awards we have achieved.

Canada’s Top 100 Employer trophies: some of the many awards GLBC has won

Any other topic you’d care to highlight?

If you haven’t had the chance to visit GLBC we would encourage you to do so. All our manufacturing is done in Richmond, BC. We love to give tours, show off our capabilities and really showcase how we can bring all the pieces together to tell your story through packaging.

About GLBC

Since 1982, Great Little Box Company (GLBC) is your one-source solution for labels and packaging. Their award-winning team can design & manufacture custom & stock corrugated boxes, point-of-purchase displays, folding carton and rigid boxes, pressure sensitive labels, flexible packaging and foam protective packaging. With an inhouse Innovation Solutions Team and over 300 employees serving British Columbia, Alberta and Washington, they can meet any packaging challenges. Visit website →

Great Little Box Company

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