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11 Tips for Having the Best GCBF 2018 Experience

Photo: Matt Schmitz

What’s Brewing Associate Editor Ed Kaye of Bring Your Porter to the Slaughter has written yet another winning article to prepare you for Great Canadian Beer Festival in his hometown of Victoria. Join Ed at the festival and remember his sound advice!

The 26th annual Great Canadian Beer Festival will be held at Royal Athletic Park in Victoria this coming Friday and Saturday.

I’ve been to GCBF, and many other beer festivals, a number of times and have learned a few lessons the hard way. If you are new to GCBF or beer festivals in general, hopefully this list of tips will help you have a fun and memorable day.

1. Have your e-tickets and ID ready

No one likes line-up, so whether you have paper tickets or e-tickets, have them ready to go. Also, make sure to bring two pieces of ID. It sounds like an obvious thing to remember, but you’d be surprised.

Don’t have a ticket or have friend who don’t, no worries, Ticket Rocket will have a kiosk set up outside the park this year so you won’t get left out!

2. Take lots of cash

Beer tokens and food can only be purchased with cash. There will be ATMs on site, but do you really feel like lining up to get in, then lining up to get money, then lining up to get tokens, then lining up to get beer?

Hot tip: Tokens cost $2 a piece. If you have some left from last year, you can still use them this year.

3. Hydrate

I cannot stress this one enough. Make sure to take an empty water bottle with you to fill at the hydrate centre, then take a good chug of water after each beer. This is why I never have hangovers.

4. Eat a good brunch

You are going to be drinking for a good five hours. Make sure you have a solid meal before you head down to the field. There will be tons of food options at the venue, but you really want to line your stomach ahead of time, then top up with tasty food truck grub.

For the rest of Ed’s tips, click over to his blog.  Bring Your Porter to the Slaughter >> 


Ed Kaye

Ed "The Beer Geek" Kaye is the author of "Bring Your Porter to the Slaughter", one of BC's very best beer blogs. He's also an Associate Editor of What's Brewing, handling the weekly Hopline e-news and Upcoming Exbeeriences events column.

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